Off The Hook – Phoenix Theatre

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This farce and half takes place in the English Countryside during spring of 1969. There are two Harold Spooks, both in the same prison, one who knows where the previously stashed loot is hidden, and the other who was “coming out a week on Friday”. Naturally, the wrong Harold is sprung and the fun begins.

Fred and Charlie have planned to take Harold to Major Catchpole’s “Hook House Hotel”, where they believe the loot is stashed, share it out and make their getaway. Now, they not only have the wrong Harold who is a right twit, but are also hampered in their efforts by the man-crazy Norah, and her gloomy sister Edna. Amid much plotting and planning by Fred and Charlie, we also meet Mrs. Fletcher-Brewer and her daughter Carol, guests at the hotel who have come for a quiet spot of fishing, and Polly and her Dad. A surprising twist to the tale lets them ‘off the hook.

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