Cats of Ponsonby – Playhouse Theatre

Event Details

A gang of hungry stray cats wait outside the back door of a restaurant hoping for scraps of food.  They are refused entry but watch in anger and frustration as three well fed Burmese house cats are called inside to be fed.  The Alley Cats kidnap the Burmese Kitten and for the ransom demand that her parents steal food for them from the restaurant.
 All goes well until the Media think they are “on to something” and Kitten falls in love with Tiger. Matters are further complicated when the Chef wrongly accuses the Thugs of stealing the food.
 The Thugs suspect the Media, the Media suspect the Alley Cats and the Alley Cats decide to go into hiding with all speed until the matter is forgotten – all except Tiger that is.  He stays behind to say goodbye to Kitten – to his cost! He is caught and attacked by the Media who are in turn attacked by the Thugs.

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